We can’t promise that Know It All! will improve your love life, or make you more intelligent or attractive, but we can’t promise that it won’t, either.

Know It All! is a trivia game for the new Apple TV. There's also a free iOS app that lets you and 3 other friends buzz in from your iPhone or iPad. Some seriously futuristic stuff going on here. Great for parties or sitting alone and friendless on the couch. Hand-crafted questions for Movies, Music, Sports, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, STAR WARS and of course a special Christmas pack for the holidays. Only $1.99 on a special launch sale (that may last forever if ya'll keep downloading it)!


Download the iOS app here.

Apple TV

Download on your Apple TV by searching
for "Know It All" in the App Store.



Loads of Questions

We have question packs for Movies, Music, Sports, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and special holiday packs too. Each pack comes with 60 - 120 questions, so there's tons of replay value.


Know It All! requires people to buzz in their answer on their iOS device before the other players do. There’s probably a scientific study somewhere that shows how playing a game like this will improve your reflexes. But we were too lazy to look it up. Just know that if it exists, then we believe that our game leverages that same scientific principle.


We’ve spent inordinate amounts of time tuning the nouns and adjectives we randomly combine in order to generate the unique team name you get when you play Know It All! We did this because we care about quality and customer experience.


One thing you’ll notice about Know It All! is that the game will sometimes give you subtle backhanded compliments. You shouldn’t take it personally, though. That’s because we’ve never met you personally and we don’t know if you really are the things the game says or not. Unless you’re related to us or a friend of ours, and then we’re a little sorry.